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First off, I want to thank the ADC Dive Parents for all of the wonderful support you have given. The role of the Dive Parent is an important one. There will be days when your diver will not feel like going to practice. There are going to be good days and bad days. Sometimes the bad days come in groups. But, just like any other aspect of our lives, we know that bad times sometimes come before the good. These are just some of the hurdles that diving and life, in general, will throw at them. How we react to deal with these hurdles will shape our character. 


This sport will push some divers to tears at some moments and bring a resonating glow the next. Perhaps not too many other sports have quite the amount of ups and downs as Diving. We encourage all of the Dive Parents to take on that supportive role. We say this knowing most of you already do but realize its worth reminding ourselves how crucial it is to this sport. We encourage you to leave the diving at the pool. Kind of like we ask them to drop their bad day at the door. If they have a bad practice, please let them leave it at the pool. 


We ask that you do not coach your diver from the stands or come on deck to correct a behavior. If a parent is coaching a diver from the stands we will ask the parent to leave. It's a liability and counter productive to what we may be looking for in the dive. We want the best for each diver on our deck. 


These kids do some amazing things. It would not be possible without your cheering them on and your words of encouragement. As dive coaches we know there is more going on than what we see at the pool. We do like to know when there are things going on that might affect their concentration. As much as we tell them to drop their day at the door,  sometimes that does not always come easy. So please keep the lines of communication open. This will ensure we are doing things safely and we will keep the good times coming. 


Again, thank you for all of your support and we look forward to a rewarding season.

these kids do some amazing things

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