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Advanced Diving focus on building the learnings from the Dive Lessons program. Each class will begin with a 30 minute warmup/stretch followed by 60 minutes of water instruction. Divers may take 1 class or up to 3 days a week. Divers are expected to compete in AAU and USA Diving sanctioned meets.


Divers within these classes will learn the following:

  • Continue to build upon solid diving fundamentals

  • Working on Higher Degree of Difficulty

  • Perfecting the diver's current list

  • Preparing for competition

  • Good Sportsmanship regardless of finish

  • Learning to train at a higher level

First 4 Sessions are 9 (weeks/classes) long.  All Advanced classes are 90 minutes in duration. For the best results it is recommended to take classes more often. Divers will progress faster the more often they practice.


In the event of holidays or scheduled days off if your class has less than 9 class days. We encourage you to come to a dryland, a different class day, or stay for two classes on your normal class day.  We want you to get your time in


Make ups are allowed and must be coordinated with Coach Fisher and made up prior to next session

2023/24 Session 1 Advanced Classes
Sept 12 to Nov 11

Advanced Dive Classes will be billed in one simple payment.
When the classes are full they will not allow you to register. Your Paypal receipt is your confirmation. 
Tuesday 530, Thursday 530 and Saturday 1030 advanced classes sold out. 

Complete a Formstack waiver (once per season).

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