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these kids do some amazing things


The following are expectations for everyone who is a part of Alexandria Dive Club.  These expectations are set so we can operate safely and at a high level.  We reserve the right to ask anyone who is conducting distracting and disrespectful behavior to leave.

  • Athletes and parents will be respectful of others and will demonstrate good sportsmanship at home, on the road, or at meets.

  • ADC is a positive practice environment.  Athletes and parents will stand together and show support for their teammates.  Disrespectful, rude, or bullying behavior will not be tolerated.

  • Safety is our number one priority.  While we will always continue to have fun, it is important to stay focused on what we are doing, especially when learning new skills.  

  • Fun is encouraged but excessive horseplay, when compromising the safety of oneself or others, will not be tolerated.

  • No athlete will tell another athlete what to do.  


  • If there is an issue or concern, please email first and come speak to the coaches directly before or after a practice.  Please, try not to interrupt a practice that is in session.

  • We expect athletes to do their best to leave their bad days at the door and to come to practice with an open mindset.  While we do our best to control all parameters of safety, it is important to stay sharp when building upon new skills and learning new dives.  

  • As numbers grow, we need to maintain an efficient pace of practice.  When you get on the board, be prepared and focused on the dive you are doing.  Please do not rush, but also do not carry on conversations while on the board.

  • Have fun, stay safe, and be willing to get back up!  No coach will ever ask an athlete to do something they are not capable of doing, but no matter how much we prepare and practice, mistakes happen.  Even the best fall and smack.  Take it in stride and be willing to get back up.

  • No athlete will attempt a new trick or dive (including something they see another athlete doing) without the explicit direction and supervision by a coach.

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